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Welcome to

Crazy Japanese


Crazy Japanese Founded By Teacher Tanuki in August 2020 ,  Started with Producing Videos about Teaching Japanese online Through Youtube, In October 2020 The Crazy Japanese Twitch Channel was created and started our first stream to the world, focusing on introducing real life experience of Native Japanese way of life, Tourism, Culture, Foods, etc​

Until September 20th 2022 , our Twitch Channel has generated 2,702 Hours of Stream time, with 58.9 Millions Minutes Watched and engage to almost 1 Millions Twitch Accounts.

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I am The Best Teacher In The World !

Join my Exclusive Class With Students All Over The World and Learn Japanese In the most effective way that you never experienced before.

Private Lesson: 1 hour 4 times per month.

My lesson is aimed toward those students 

with goals who want to achieve them fast.

Price USD$ 350

Group Lesson: 1 hour every Sunday at 

11am JPT. This lesson is based on requests

from students but you must have at least 

passed JLPT5. 

Price USD$ 100

Class Seat Limited , Claim Your Seat !

Class Detail

Mail me at

For Class Slot Information

What The Students Says 

She is very patient and understanding. I choosed her as my Japanese teacher, Tanuki lessons is much better than I expected, and I have learned a lot from her. I want to keep studying with her and also recommend Tanuki teacher to everyone. 

Renee Su - Taiwan

I have been a private student of Tanuki for almost 2 years. With her teaching and my intelligence (LOL) I improved a lot compared to self studying. She is patient and will make sure your basic fundamental is in place.

Wang Shunli - Singapore

in Japanese, there are many words and phrases that have the same meaning in English, but have a nuance in Japanese. There are also times when their meaning is lost when directly translated into English, so instead of trying to translate directly, you’d need to look for the true meaning instead. Teacher Tanuki does a really good job of teaching these things to her students.

Daryl Serrano - United States

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Join The Crazy Gang !! 


More Items and Colours on Tanuki Store

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